Great with technical details

Michael Feris

Mr. Francis is extremely bright, caring and a good Christian man. His firm knows what they’re doing. There’s a lot of technical issues that come with personal injury. Jim Francis is good with the technical details. I can’t say enough about his team on a positive level. They did a great job for me.

I trust him completely


When I talked to Mr. Francis over the phone, he seemed very alert and attentive to me. He paid attention to the things I said much more than my previous attorney. His energy is positive, kind and calming. When I would come in upset about something, he would break it down and put things into a good perspective. He gave sound advice and I trust him completely. Mr. Francis was a godsend.

Highly recommend his services

Mike Richey

Jim is an extremely caring, conscientious Dallas personal injury lawyer and a person who actually cares about you and your situation. He does a good job of keeping you informed throughout the process. He is comforting and assuring, and as well extremely strong and has a really good presence and command of the situation, whether it be in the office talking facts, strategy, or a hostile deposition. Ethical and upstanding, I’ve retained Jim as an attorney multiple times so far. If the occasion should arise, I would certainly use him again, and do recommend his services highly.