Truck Accidents

With I-10, I-30, I-45, US-67, and US-75, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is filled with major roadways that are common settings for truck accidents. So far, there have been 425 Dallas-Fort Worth truck accidents reported to the Accident Data Center.

Top 10 Causes of Truck Accidents

As with any motor vehicle, many of the main causes of truck accidents involve distractions or negligence on the driver’s part. But, due to the nuances of navigating a large truck — even down a straight stretch of highway — it can be difficult for even the most attentive drivers to remain accident-free.

According to Ryder, a truck rental and fleet management company, the top ten causes of truck accidents are as follows:

  1. The truck driver fails to adhere to the rules of the road
  2. The truck driver speeds or accelerates too quickly
  3. The truck’s tires are underinflated
  4. Cargo was either improperly loaded or is shifting during the drive
  5. The truck driver is fatigued and/or not given proper rest breaks
  6. The truck driver abuses a mind-altering substance
  7. The truck driver fails to brake quickly enough
  8. The truck hasn’t been properly maintained or repaired
  9. The truck driver cannot see other vehicles due to blind spots
  10. The truck driver is driving carelessly or recklessly

Another factor may be that drivers simply don’t understand how a few seconds of negligence can make a huge difference in their safety and the safety of others. This problem isn’t exclusive to truck drivers; all motor vehicle operators can easily forget that their actions on the road can change people’s lives forever.

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Tips for Drivers to Avoid Truck Accidents

Even if a truck driver is fully awake, alert, and operating a properly serviced vehicle, it can be quite easy for an accident to occur. If you’re driving your car on the highway or on a major street, follow these tips to reduce your chance of a collision with a truck: 

  • Never follow a truck too closely. The rule of thumb for driving behind other cars is to leave at least a car length of space between. When following behind a truck, you should be able to see both of its side mirrors at all times.
  • Give trucks room to turn. Trucks take more time and space to complete a turn safely. No matter how rushed you may be, anticipate these turns and give the driver the space they need to turn. Never zip past the truck.
  • Prepare for turbulence when passing. Passing a truck on the highway (while following the speed limit, of course) is bound to happen on almost any drive. The key to doing it safely is to keep a firm grasp of the wheel as you pass since the size difference between your car and the truck can cause turbulence.
  • Limit time in truck drivers’ blind spots. Remember how you should be able to see both side mirrors of a truck when you’re following? If you cannot see both side mirrors, there is a good chance you are in the driver’s blind spot. Try to limit this and, when that’s not possible, be even more aware of the truck’s movements.

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