Motorcycle Accidents

In 2015, 459 motorcyclists were killed in Texas. 1,887 more motorcyclists suffered incapacitating injuries, and 3,324 suffered non-incapacitating injuries. Given the size of even the largest motorcycles compared to the standard car, it’s no surprise that motorcyclists are at an extremely high risk of fatal accidents on the road.

Data Regarding Helmet Usage

Anyone who rode a bicycle as a child probably heard the phrase, “Don’t forget your helmet” more times than they would’ve liked. For some motorcyclists, wearing a helmet may feel unnecessary or unappealing, but consider the following statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation:

  • Out of 1,454 accidents involving motorcycles where the motorcyclists were not injured, 742 of them were wearing helmets. 
  • 489 weren’t wearing helmets, and for 223 motorcyclists, it is unknown whether they were wearing a helmet or not. 
  • This means that at least 51% — and up to 66% — of non-injured motorcyclists were wearing their helmets during the accident.
However unnecessary they may seem, helmets can make the difference between an inconvenient accident and a fatal motorcycle crash.

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How to Avoid 3 Common Motorcycle Accidents

RideApart, a site for motorcycle enthusiasts, gathered common motorcycle accidents and provided advice for motorcyclists to avoid them. Of course, two important steps for all riders are to wear protective gear and to take a basic rider course. Along with these, motorcyclists should watch out for:

  • Entering a corner too quickly. Riding into a corner too fast can cause motorcyclists to wipe out. They can avoid the problem altogether by slowing down and being alert. But, if they find themselves in this situation, it’s recommended to resist the urge to jerk the controls or slam on the brakes. Instead, they should try to ride as smoothly as possible.
  • Cars changing lanes into motorcyclists. Even the most alert motorcyclists can be victims of another driver’s negligence. The key to avoiding a situation where a car in the next lane suddenly veers into yours is to be hyper-aware of the driver’s blind spots. Watch for road conditions like lanes moving at different speeds or highway traffic slowing down, and keep an eye out for body language signaling the driver may change lanes.
  • Cars hitting motorcyclists from behind. If your motorcycle is stopped and a driver hits you with his car, he has a fender bender. Meanwhile, it’s likely that you will suffer a severe injury — or even death. Avoid these fender benders by stopping to the side of the lane rather than the center and flashing your brake light by tapping the brake lever. Be especially aware late at night, in bad visibility, where stops are expected, and at pedestrian crosswalks.

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