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My firm focuses on representing individuals who have suffered personal injury. Combining substantial experience and knowledge of the federal and state laws governing personal injury claims, I am committed to helping clients with conviction, passion, and sophistication.

My “Fairer fee” Approach

A fairer fee is a reduced fee from what is customary in personal injury contingency fee practice. In my experience, that customary fee is 33.33-35% for claims before the suit is filed and 40% after the suit is filed. The fairer fee I charge is 25%-30% for claims before the suit is filed and 33.33-35% after the suit if filed. One of the main reasons I offer a fairer fee is to ensure that victims of personal injuries can benefit from experienced legal representation. In selected cases where circumstances dictate, my clients will benefit from a "fairer fee".

Why I Offer a Fairer Fee

Reason 1

It’s a win-win

The better the liability and damage facts are, the more likely I am to obtain a better economic recovery in the claim (and with less risk). In other words, I have a better risk vs. reward ratio, which yields a better chance of return on investment.

Reason 2

It helps my clients

I am able to identify potential claims where special help could not be obtained without a fairer fee. Offering a fairer fee enables my clients to receive as much compensation as possible.

Reason 3

It prepares for the future

I believe that a fairer fee should be offered in any case involving injured children or minors. There are many uncertainties in terms of the long-term effects of the injury and the medical care used to treat it, and a fairer fee provides consistency.

Fairer Fee, Better Representation

I combine finesse and aggressive tactics in my representation, and I believe everyone deserves to be represented by an experienced attorney. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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About James N. Francis

James N. Francis has been practicing for 40+ years and focuses on representing individuals suffering from a personal injury. His expertise can help you get the results you need. Contact him today to learn more.